Sunday, 19 November 2017

Daily Fitness

For fitness each morning Mr Ried has been making the year 7 and 8 boys and girls to run 100 meters and he is try to push us to 200 meters. It has been up to us for which two year seven and eights two fastest boys and girls to race in our relays.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Ruapotaka School

Ruapotaka School is such a fun school, over there we, (the students) can work hard, cooperate and achieve more. Ruapotaka School is a not just a school that works hard, we also have fun doing it. We are just settling into term 4, and so much has happend already, and this is only week 4, so far whats happend is we've had film festival, which was great to see lots of different movie, all unique in there own type of way, and the year 7 and 8 boys have just begun swimming, and we have athletics coming up shortly.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Go The Distance

This Is Room 12's movie for the 2017 Manaiakalani film festival, this is the tenth annual Film Festival. Meafou and Viomoana were our presenters, and I was so proud of them. There were so many schools and so many movies, my favorite one was helping hands, which was by Room 1 of Ruapotaka School. This movie is about how you can be a rugby champion player. 

Friday, 3 November 2017


For the year 7 and 8 boys we are very close to going to the Swim Magic Pools. I am very excited to go and get one hour swimming lessons and learn more about how to swim and learn how to breathe longer under water. Next week Friday we start swimming, all we have to bring is our towel and a extra pear of underpants.
Image result for Swimming

Monday, 30 October 2017


Today was our first day of testing for the end of the year reports, the teachers are checking if we have improved throughout the year and gained any knowledge. All of Room 12 was tested at the same time, we all had separated our desk to make sure we're not cheating of others. We did two test today one was on spelling and the other on Maths, for our Maths tests we had to do multiplication, division, subtraction, addition and lastly a combined test with all four, all of us had to complete each coulomb  on the sheet in less then two minutes. For the spelling test Mr Reid had called out a word two times, and some of the words he used in sentences because they were Homophones. All this week for us, is going to be testing, the teachers are going to be working very hard on our end of the year reports.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Colour Changing

Room 12 had done a science experiment about changing colors. The changing of the color involved a disc, three different colours which is red, blue and green. The first thing was use a circle based to help you guide and draw the circles, you have to draw three so two can be glued together and one can be on its own. Once your circles have been drawn we had to colour them in, after that we had to measure the dots that the piece of wool is meant to go threw, and it had to be two centimeters away from each other.
We had to do our dots then cut out the circles and thread the wool threw the two holes. We either had to spin it clock wise or anti clock wise.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

What We Did At Tech

At tech the year sevens went to graphics. At graphics some people carried on with there art that they didn't finish last week, the people that had finished and some others were starting on the new art project, making a box, but before we did that we had to create a new drawing and type down our thoughts on what we think graphics is about. After we had finished that we had to do a Analysis Of How To Make A 3D Box. Me, Mary and Vika were working together and we all finished our thoughts on what we think graphics means.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

What I did At Tech

At tech today we had graphics, all it was  today was a caring on from last week. I had finished my work and so had Izabella and Saluselo. I was working with Vika and Mary, we all had something to do and we were all busy. Last week I had finished my out line for my art work and this week I had finished my coloring. Mr Pineda our graphics teacher called out our names to see if we were here. Mr Pineda was going round complementing on peoples work, he added points if you were working hard, succeeding and others.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Cross Country

Today was the forth day of spring and we started to do our cross country. Cross country is what we were doing for fitness so we can build up our speed and our long distances running. We have to do this every day for the whole week for our fitness, we have to go round two times. The teachers are standing round the corners and they are watching us run. Before we were running throw the streets we were practicing around the inside of the school. The teachers say breath threw our nose and out from our mouths.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Mindfulness Lesson

Thursday 31st of August
Today Room 12 had a mindfulness lesson about how the brain works. We did some mindfulness meditation and some simply activities. One of my favourite activities was life is good, also for our meditation we had to lay down on the ground with our legs bent and a clear mind. The other meditation was looking straight ahead of you an listening to bell. For the life is good activity one of mindfulness tutors had a basketball and we all had to form a circle. This time one of the teachers (Mr Reid) had to start us of, to start of you had to hold the ball in both hands and say anything then say but life is good. For the meditation we had to lay on the ground then one of the mindfulness teachers had put a meditation video on and the first instruction was to lay down and take deep deep breaths. Then we had to listen and focus on our breathing.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

At Tech

At tech today this was our first time at graphics. We all had to line up an wait for the teacher to come an tell us were to go, the year 8s had wood works with Mr Grundy, and we had graphics. The first time at graphics I was a bit nervous because I didn't know what to do. But when we were given our instructions I got the hang of it. For our first lesson we had to write our name in different fonts, each letter in our name had to be different. In the first letter in my name I had done a hand claw and an eye, which looked like the letter P. There were lots of different color and lots of  different felts. At my table I was sitting next to Mary and she kept on asking for help.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017


This was our third week of orienteering and I was very very excited. When it was our turn for orienteering Mr Leon walked us up to the top filed and he told us what to do. When we were outside it looked like it was going to rain because it was kind of cloudy. Outside was very cold and windy, but we were running so it didn't matter that much. Mr Leon said this week for orienteering was all about accuracy it was not about who was the fastest all the slowest as long as we were accurate. So he gave us our clip cards and our map. I was very nervous and scared because I though that I was going to come last again. The fist map I had I was kind of confused but latter on in the session I had got the hang of it. There were four course and we had to complete the whole thing. When I had finished there were a few people that were lined up on the park and I was so reveled that I had not came last like last week, but this week I had a lot of fun.

Making Nachos

At tech last week we thought that it was our last week at cooking, but we had to do cooking one last time. On our last time at cooking we made Nachos and they were so nice. First thing we had to do was get our pan out and our wooden spoon, next we had to go to the teacher and get some garlic and peal of the skin then we had to break the garlic into peaces with a rolling pin. After that we put the crushed garlic in the pan and put the pan on the oven. Once the garlic was brown we added all other sauces and ingredients. We had to make our creation nice so Mrs Tuipotu could take a picture. Our Nachos that we had made smelt kind of chilly with a hint of garlic. The sauce and the mince made the whole thing come together.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Time For Ball!!!

Today was my cousin's every first school ball. Tonight me and my family went to my cousin's house and we took lots and lots of photos. My brother and my uncle had dressed up for her ball because they are escorting her. My cousin was wearing a very beautiful maroon dress, which had straps at the back. Her hair and makeup had been done and here nails were very shinny. My nana had bought here some very nice rings, bracelet and necklaces. Most of the jewellery was pearl.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Making Chocolate Cake

At tech for cooking this was our last day in cooking class. We made chocolate cake  with wiped cream and coco sauce. The fist thing we had to do was get out our measuring cups and teaspoons, the next thing we had to get out was two silver bowls and the next thing we had to do was go to the front table and put half a cup of plan flour then one teaspoon of baking powder and one quarter cup of coco powder. That was the dry ingredient and the wet ones were two teaspoons of yogurt and one cup of sugar then half a cup of milk and one third of a cup of oil. We had to add in two eggs and mix all together. Then when it was combined altogether me my partner got some baking paper and put it on the bottom of our tray and cut of the extras. We slowly poured the mixture into the tray and set the oven to 180c. When it was time to take it out of the oven we had to take it out of the tray and put on our cooling tray so our cake can cool of. When it was cooled enough we could put on the wipe cream and coco sauce.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Winter Learning Journey

At Ruapotaka School only six people participated in the winter learning journey. Rachael came today the boss of the whole program. Three people came place and the other three participated in the program. The three people that came place was Riiana in third, Kotipi in 2nd and Pupuke in 1st. We all got some kind of prize and we all got a badge on our blogs. The three people that participated was Dakbai, Robati and Azahar.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Making Banana Muffins

At Tech today we made banana muffins. The first thing we had to do was put our chromebooks away and put our aprons on. After that Mrs Tuilpulotu told us to get our muffin tray out and get our big silver bowel to. She told us to get out our measuring cup and spoons. With the cup and the spoon we had to get half a cup of S.R.F and a three quarter cup of milk. Mrs Tuipulotu had a teaspoon at the table so we could put one teaspoon of flour. We had to mash the bananas with a fork and put all the dry ingredients inside the bowel. When the dry ingredients were in the bowel then we had to put the wet ones in, so we added the butter and one egg into the bowel and then mix. Mrs Tuipulotu told us to come to her so she could put three table spoon of sugar into our mixture. We had pour our battar into the muffin cups and set the oven to 180.c and put in the oven.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Our Big Day

On Friday Room 12 has to perform in a big assembly. Room 12 has to sing in front of the whole school and hoping for some parents to. Our song is How Far I'll Go from the movie moana. We have been practicing and Mrs Golder has been telling us to sing with enthusiasm and expression. At the assembly the other classes will do a performance or a dance. All the classes have been working hard and have been looking forward to Friday. Room 12 has to stand in four lines tallest to shortest. We have to try to remember the lyrics to the song.

Pasifika Study Assembly

Friday 28 of July we have just come back from the assembly room which we had our pasifika study performance. Each class had to perform and show there item to the whole school. First was Room one which they performed a Samoan dance called the Sasa. The next performance was Room 5 and there Samoan singing. After Room 5 was Room 6 and there Samoan and Tongan clothing and accessories.
After Room 6 Room seven had to perform there item. Room 7 had put together a combined dance. Next was Room 9 and they had performed a Samoan song called Little Biddy On A Tree. Room ten was next and they had sung a Samoan song called  E Otua. Lastly was Room 12, we had to go and line up in our places that we were given. The song that Room 12 chose was How Far I'll Go from the movie Moana.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

What I Did At Tech

At tech today we made chicken curry. We brought our chromebooks but we did not use them. The fist thing we had to do was get our biggest pot and one pan. The our teacher told us to bring out our pan to her table and she will  put some Indian curry sauce in the pan. She added some other ingredients then we had to stir for about 20 minutes. Then we had to put our chicken in our pot and  then we had to put the pot on the stove and when it was boiling then the teacher will come and check and if it is ready then we put the chicken into the pan and we mix it with the source.  Then put on the stove and wait till it is boiling. Then we were done and she got the rice out and we had to put the chicken on top and make it look nice. We had to take a picture and send it to our mail and then we can make a blog post and send it to her.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Back To School

The holidays are over and Term three has started. I am so excited to be back at school and keen to learn. First day back and we have started to look back on our learning back in term two to refresh our memory. This term there are lots of things to look forward to like netball, rugby, athletics and cross country. After skipping back in term two we went on a two week holiday. In the holidays I had nothing to do so I registered on the winter learning journey. A blogging program with schools in the Manaiakalani cluster.

Friday, 21 July 2017

My Big Journey

Image result for new zealandOn my amazing journey I've learned a lot of new things like places I didn't know that are in Auckland, and new things I learned about the Maori culture. The things I mostly liked on My Kiwi Road Trip was all the different places we went to go and visit. What I liked was the native bird I got to adopt which is called a Morepork, it looked so cute and it was so fluffy.

Thursday, 13 July 2017


                                      Listing to music.

Keeping NZ Clean

Related image#1 Pick up rubbish of the side way.
#2 Water the plants.
#3 Looking after our environment.
#4 Don't waste water.
#5 Don't waste food.
#6 Always recycle.

Rugby Haka's


All the haka's were great but some better than others.


Related imageMatariki is a Maori new year and celebration of the seven stars of Matariki. One of the many celebrations is lots of lights and the them changes every year. It happens here in Auckland each year at the reserve.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Arrived At New Zealand

Feeling nervous, excited don't know what to expect. Worried happy kinda upset. Scared afraid of whats gonna happen. Thoughts come together, memories fade away.

Otago Rail Trail

I would love to go on a Otago rail trail because it souds like lots of fun and it might be a great time for me to go outside in the outdoors and strt to bike again. I use to but not as much now for some reason. On day I wish I get to join the Otago rail tril.

Mt Everist

Sir Edmund Hillary- July 20th 1919- January 11th 2008- He was the first man to climb Mount evirts - He was born in NZ - He was rasid in NZ- He put the American flag on the mountain.

Tenzing Norgayn- 29th May 1914- 9 May 1986 - He helped Sir Edmund Hillary up The mountain - He was born in Napl- He was Rasid in Napl - The air was very thin when they got higher.

Bush Walk

I just looked at the tree for 5 seconds then looked back and my hole group was gone. I don't know what was worse I was by my self or not knowing what happened to my group. I haad to do something more then just stand there in shock. Things were looking very down for me but lukly I pulled myself togetther. I went to go find someone to help me find my way to the base. I found myself in quit a knot looking for help. It was getting dark and things were stating to get realy weird I could start to here strang things. I juts stept it of, the next moenning I was determined to find help and try get to the base. Frist thing I was going to do was going to go and find help...

Hector's Dolpin's

Hector's Dolpin's are very rare dolpins and sadly there are not that many living in the sea. I thnk fisherman should bannd because safty for the dolpins.

Whale Rider

About a girl  that comes from a long line of Maori chiefs and wants to tarin to be a warrior but is stoped because her gender. But that dose not stop her from growing.

Beached Whales

There were 4 beached whales and the locals tried everything in there power to help. They kept on getting water to keep the whales from getting dry. It was not enough to keep the whales alive. The locals were not qwick enough so the whales juts dryed up.

New zealand In Danger

New Zealnad should be predetor free because it can dangerous for lots of people and kids. It can be very un healthy for us. They can thrive and they can start a coliney. New Zealand is a very green land so we have to tey to keep it very clean.

My Pet

I just finish adopting a Morepork. A Morepork looks like an owle but is diffrent in some kind of way. The Morepork is a native bird to New Zealand and eats mostly worm and old grubs of the groud. You can normanly find these amazing birds in hight trees in the woods or in bird centers.

Mary Grace

Today we have Mary grace my youghest sister. Mary what is your favourite things to do in the outdoors.

1.Hid and go seek
5.Ball Tiggy

Laura An Her Adventures

Today I'm here with Laura Dekker and I've perpared some qustions for her...

Laura what got you into sailing?
What got you motivate to do this in your life?
How do you feel when your sailing?
Do you like doing anything ealse then sailing?
Did you start at a yough age?

One Of My Favourites

My favourite place I most enjoyed was karekare beach. I loved visiting this very beautiful beach that had the most beautiful black sand. I loved this beach so so much because you have so much to look forwarde too.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017


My Five Favourite Things

My tour to Auckland was a great exprence and I did lots of great things. But my five favourite was things were that water was not that far away,  The beatful spaced out playgrouds, All the sea life at Kelltowtinns, Deven port makes the best sea food and Auckland has beataful beachies. I went to the zoo which was great, I went to go see some maori culture. I went to rainbowends, and look down at the city from the Sky Tower.

The People Of New Zealand

The people are very great kind and native people, now here are some facts...

1.The population of people in New Zealand is Four Milion.
2. In 1840 the Teraty Of Waitangi was sginged.
3. Abel tasman was the first noon New Zealander to see our country.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

What I Did At Tech

At tech Room 12 all went to there classes where we had to do there activities. At cooking Mrs Tuipulotu wasn't here instead there was and replacement teacher. We didn't do any cooking but we had to do a test. The test was about cooking and the equipment we had to use for cooking. We had to put our had up if we had any questions and lots of people were asking personal questions. She answered lots of the question and she told us about what school she went to and what collage. She went to Tamaki Collage and she use to go to Pt England School instead. She had lived closer to Ruapotaka School but she went Pt England. She let us take the test home so we can finish, but we had to bring the test back on Wednesday.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Samoan Singing

On Friday Room 12 did Samoan singing with Mrs Folu. The first thing we did was refresh our memory by singing some Samoan songs from last year. We all sang the songs and then we got split into two groups. One group had to sing then the other side had to follow on. Room 10 and 9 were there to and some people had to start the song or give us a tun. Some people got chosen to go up and sing. Most of them were Samoan. 

Monday, 26 June 2017

What I Did At Tech

At tech today we made Coco muffins with chocolate chips. My partner was Tyron and he did the dry  ingredients. I had to do the wet ingredients, the ingredients I used was half a cup of sugar, half a cup of oil and on egg. Once we were finished with all the ingredients and put them in the bowel then we had to whisk the wet ingredients. When Tyron was finishing whisking the dry ingredients we had to combined both bowels. Tyron did the dry ingredients and his ingredients were half a cup of S.R.F and a 4 cup of coco. When Tyron was was finished with the ingredients then we slowly pored the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients. Once the dry ingredients were in there we had to mix carefully. Then we had to pore the chocolate chips in side the bowel with mixture and start mixing. Then we had to get out the cupcake tray and put the muffin cups in side the muffin tray. Then we had to get a table spoon and put a spoon full of batter and put in the oven. Set your oven to 180d then start to tidy up why'll we were waiting. When your muffins are brown on top and are starting to rise then poke a stick in the middle and if there is nothing on the stick  then it is finished.

Monday, 19 June 2017

What I Made At Tech

At tech I was in Mr Grundy's class. We all sat at a table and we all got handed a piece of paper. Mr Grundy told us that if you make a wood work of your own design then you will get points. If you draw lots of ideas then you get points.
Once we had chosen the design that we were going to be working on. Once we had finished our design, we wrote our names on the broad.
Once he had signed it he gave us a piece of wood so that we could measure our drawing. He then came and checked it. Once he had checked it he came and gave us a piece of wood. The we lined it up with a ruler and made sure that it was perfect. Once he has checked it with a ruler then he will give us the equipment that we need. Then we will saw the lines that you have lined up. Then he will come and check it. He will give you the equipment that you need to finish your work. Once you have finished all of your sawing then he will glue it all together.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017


At skipping before we start we always do a warm up. The warm up is skip forwards ten times and then backwards. The other warm up is to do side to side forwards and then backwards ten times. At Skipping Room 12 has been put into groups. Each group has to come up with their own routeing to show at the skipping finals. Each room is doing one and all are different. Once we have done some practices on our routeing then we go and line up and see who can skip the longest. The three or four people that can skip the longest will go throw to the finals.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

National Milk Day

Today 1/6/17 is National milk day. Milk comes from the cows udders so they can feed their young. Brown cows make thicker milk which is used for butter, cream, youngsters and other thick dairy products. Milk helps us get stronger bones and a working brain. Milk helps lots of people grow and helps them get more out of their day. Milk helps maintain healthy blood pressure. Milk comes from the very successful company called Fonterra. Link

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Flooding In South Island

Flooding has hit the south island of New Zealand. The top of the south island has been flooding with water caused by very heavy rain. Several people have been reduced from the heavy rain and they had to be rescued by a boat. Large amounts of water have just rushed in to State Highway. In the early morning of Thursday a bus home was stuck in the middle of a river. A man was stuck in the bus and he was in there for less then and hour. Police told Newshub that the man was frightened but he was fine. 

Friday, 12 May 2017

Stolen Van

A van has been stolen outside the Auckland's Royal Oka. Police said there were three men that came up to the van and brook the window. Guards were around at 1:50pm on Thursday. The guards stooped a white car and they are speaking to the people that were in the car. They are still working on finding the people that stole the van.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Bad weather

Get ready for some bad weather. There have been lots reports that Cyclone Donna is heading towards New Zealand. Weather reports have issued that there is going to be heavy rain is going to rain on parts of New Zealand. They say it is up to 200mm of rain heading to us. Lately New Zealand has been getting bad weather but what is coming now is worse then all the others. Further north has been expected for up to 160mm of rain heading to them. They are prepared for floods. 

Monday, 8 May 2017

Be safe on the road

The road is one of the most dangerous places in New Zealand. There have been three fetal crashes on the motorway. In 2015 101 people were killed in a huge car crash on our roads. More then half of them where children or young people. As of today there have been 13 more car crashes from last year on our roads. We need to drive safely and be careful on the road.   Link

Friday, 5 May 2017

The Arrest

Police have made a arrest in relation to a Robbery at a art store. A 59 year old man has been charged for adult on Cameron Rd. The of endear was ask for money why'ell struggle with a worker the victim showed miner injures. People were very worded about the victims. Judges found the man responsible covens by the footage. The man now lies in jail. 

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Here comes the cold

Good bye April and welcome May. It is time to say good bye to April and welcome May. So since May is here New Zealand Is starting to get very cold and very windy. At school kids are wearing there sweet-shirts because the cold and windy weather. In Auckland we will start to feel a cold breeze and other parts of New Zealand will feel it too. 

Monday, 10 April 2017

New Zealand Cyclone

Weather workers have found out that there could be a cyclone heading to New Zealand. This cyclone is a tropical cyclone and there is a chance that it is coming for New Zealand. The cyclone is expected to head to New Caledonia on Monday before heading to southeast of New Zealand. Some people are panicking but people are saying there could be a chance or not. There is a 50% chance that it could make it to New Zealand. Some people are saying that it could hit next week. 

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Bad Weather

Rural south Auckland water fall turn into a roaring beast because heavy rain. South of Auckland has lately been getting heavy rains that cause lost of damage. People were shock of how furious the fall was coming down and how fast. Someone from Glen brook primary school posted a video on Wednesday on Facebook. The school is near by the fall.  Link

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Theft at the galleries

The theft at the two most valuable panting galleries have shocked other businesses around New Zealand. The gottfried lindauer portraits worth $450,000 stolen in ram-raid at the Parnell international art center on Saturday morning. The burglars grove a  vehicle into the glass. 

Friday, 31 March 2017

Robert rakete

On Thursday Robert Rakete came to our school and told all of us about his son and hiss messy room and how he loved books. When he turned ten his parents new that he loved Astesix and the golden sickle so they got that for him. Robert Rakete was the brown wiggle on the TV show The wiggles. He came and he handed out books and he shook there hand. 

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Christchurch crash

Image result for car crash in water silver hondaIn Christchurch there was a fetal crash with a silver Honda. His wife was killed by the car crash in a tragic accident. They were driving back to Mount Pleasant. They crashed into a barrier and the car was pulled out of the sea.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Nan saves gradson

  5 year old Amarni Emmanuel Kaifa-Walters had biliary atresia, a rare congenital disease of the liver. He had to go through surgery. When the grandson had no more chances the grandmother had given a gift to the grandson. Another chance at life.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Fight for survival in Fire

The New Zealand Fire Service has launched virtual reality software that puts you right at ground zero, inside a house on fire. The people that are training use this so when they go out on the filed they now what to do. When the fire fighters need this for the new recruits. In the virtual home there are options for which way is safe and the way that is not. If you do not think of  of your memory then you will be killed.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Violent landslide wrecks Waikato hill

In Waikato there was very bad landslid that destroyed lost of homes. Hayley and Rob Schwass watching in horror it was so sad that all those home where badly destroyed and for Hayley and Rob to see it all. The bolder were huge and they were falling fast. I feel so sorry for the people that lived there, Also I feel sorry for the two people that saw it all. link

Monday, 13 March 2017

We have to save water !

In the south east of Auckland is where most of Auckland's water comes from. Over the past weeks we have been given very heavy rains which caused lost of mud to go where the water comes form so it is harder to send the water to our homes. So the people that give us the water is asking all of Auckland to reduce our water to about 20 liters per day.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Everyday Theatre

Friday 3 march 2017

Today two game masters came in to room 12 and room 11 had to go in room 12. They where talking to us about a family that breakup. They were acting and it was so funny. All of us had to get in two lines and one line was Dave and the other was T. Both  of them are part of the show at the end we all got a prize. I like all of the show. Ts mum and dad stopped seeing each other but hes used now.