Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Netball Team

On Wednesday the 17th of August it was my birthday, it was also the day of netball. I had to go to school early because the van had to leave at five past nine. I got to school on time and before we left we had to make sure that we had our milk, fruit, water bottle and our lunch. When we got there we had to put our bags down and Mr Reid gave us a ball to practice for the tournament. We played six games and I was goalkeeper. It was so hot at netball and we came fourth place in netball. when we were finished we eat our food and Mr Reid took us back to school.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Zoo Trip

On Friday we went by bus to the zoo. When we got to the zoo we got into our teams and in my team was Mary, Shakaia, Tupouseini and Julianne. Miss Brough was our leader. The first animal we saw was a otters are mostly found in America.There was lots of things at the zoo like there was lions, tigers and monkeys. When it was time for morning tea we sat down and ate our food after that we look around some more then it was time for lunch so we sat down where the elephants where. After that we went to look for some more things then we meet up together and we all went on the buss and went back to school.