Sunday, 19 November 2017

Daily Fitness

For fitness each morning Mr Ried has been making the year 7 and 8 boys and girls to run 100 meters and he is try to push us to 200 meters. It has been up to us for which two year seven and eights two fastest boys and girls to race in our relays.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Ruapotaka School

Ruapotaka School is such a fun school, over there we, (the students) can work hard, cooperate and achieve more. Ruapotaka School is a not just a school that works hard, we also have fun doing it. We are just settling into term 4, and so much has happend already, and this is only week 4, so far whats happend is we've had film festival, which was great to see lots of different movie, all unique in there own type of way, and the year 7 and 8 boys have just begun swimming, and we have athletics coming up shortly.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Go The Distance

This Is Room 12's movie for the 2017 Manaiakalani film festival, this is the tenth annual Film Festival. Meafou and Viomoana were our presenters, and I was so proud of them. There were so many schools and so many movies, my favorite one was helping hands, which was by Room 1 of Ruapotaka School. This movie is about how you can be a rugby champion player. 

Friday, 3 November 2017


For the year 7 and 8 boys we are very close to going to the Swim Magic Pools. I am very excited to go and get one hour swimming lessons and learn more about how to swim and learn how to breathe longer under water. Next week Friday we start swimming, all we have to bring is our towel and a extra pear of underpants.
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Monday, 30 October 2017


Today was our first day of testing for the end of the year reports, the teachers are checking if we have improved throughout the year and gained any knowledge. All of Room 12 was tested at the same time, we all had separated our desk to make sure we're not cheating of others. We did two test today one was on spelling and the other on Maths, for our Maths tests we had to do multiplication, division, subtraction, addition and lastly a combined test with all four, all of us had to complete each coulomb  on the sheet in less then two minutes. For the spelling test Mr Reid had called out a word two times, and some of the words he used in sentences because they were Homophones. All this week for us, is going to be testing, the teachers are going to be working very hard on our end of the year reports.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Colour Changing

Room 12 had done a science experiment about changing colors. The changing of the color involved a disc, three different colours which is red, blue and green. The first thing was use a circle based to help you guide and draw the circles, you have to draw three so two can be glued together and one can be on its own. Once your circles have been drawn we had to colour them in, after that we had to measure the dots that the piece of wool is meant to go threw, and it had to be two centimeters away from each other.
We had to do our dots then cut out the circles and thread the wool threw the two holes. We either had to spin it clock wise or anti clock wise.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

What We Did At Tech

At tech the year sevens went to graphics. At graphics some people carried on with there art that they didn't finish last week, the people that had finished and some others were starting on the new art project, making a box, but before we did that we had to create a new drawing and type down our thoughts on what we think graphics is about. After we had finished that we had to do a Analysis Of How To Make A 3D Box. Me, Mary and Vika were working together and we all finished our thoughts on what we think graphics means.