Thursday, 22 March 2018

Being Cybersmart

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1. Post the right conditions on you r school blog like math, writing and other linked online school subjects, remember everything you do can be traced by a digital footprint. Source :Smart Footprint - Cybersmart

2.Using the Kawa of Care and taking responsibility for your own online actions. Source: Smart Learners - Cybersmart

3. Understand that some things online you can and can not take, for example images, some of you will have to get permission. Source: Smart and Legal - Cybersmart

4. Make sure that content you watch online you are not under your school account, and make smart decisions on social and smart media. Source: Smart Media - Cybersmart

5. Making sure that you don’t get scammed or ripped off online, and just browsing through the internet.Source: Smart Values -  Cybersmart

Friday, 16 March 2018

River Talks

On the 15th of March half of Room 12 went to a very special and exciting event. We had to walk all the way to River Omaru. When we had arrived we had to stand in front a small short fencing surrounded by other schools like St Helliers, Pt England and of course our school Ruapotaka Primary. Not long after he had hoped out of the water he told us the story of it and why we can't go in the water. The water was to dirty and full of germs and unsafe to swim or fish or boat in there. Then we moved to a different place and this women talked about how we can keep the river clean and what goes in the water from our homes. The extra water from our home go to rivers ocean ect, and the bad water goes to the sewers. But some pips where the bad water goes were connected to the pips were the ocean and rivers lead to, and they will slowly turn bad and pollution
will start.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Making Cupcakes At Tech

Image result for vanilla muffinsToday at tech we made Vanilla Muffins. The first instruction that was told was to get out our coking equipment's, which were two mixing bowels, a spatula and our whisk. We had to add 4 eggs and 1 cup of sugar, then mixed till well combined. Once all of that was mixed in, we had to add our 1 and a half cup of S.R.F and mix with the electric hand mixer. In the beginning we had prepared our muffin tray's, for our muffins,so we put our batter into our tray's and heated the oven to 180.c. While we were waiting for our muffins to cook we had to clean all of our cooking equipment's and benches. Once our muffins were done we had to take a photo, me and my buddies muffins were a bit over cooked, but still quite delightful.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Making Nacho At Tech

Today Room 12 had tech my group had cooking with Mrs. Tuipulotu. Today we were making a very delicious meal called Nachos. Mrs Tuipulotu's first in direction was to get out our pan, cutting board and our wooden spoon. Then she asked us to get and onion from her and slice then dice. Not long after that we had to put our onions into our pan and put on the stove. We had to mix well, then add in our mince, when all of that was well combined we had added tomato puree and baked beans inside. After that we had been given some nachos and a plate. We had to try make our meal look presentable for a picture.

Cooking At Tech

Last week we did cooking with Mrs Tuipulotu and we had to make a sponge cake roll. Many people were very upbeat to make this cake. The first instruction that she gave us was to get our mixing bowl out then put in a third cup of sugar and add in four eggs, we had to mix till well combined. After that we had to pour one cup of flour, once we had mixed all of that together then we had a long baking tin to put our batter into, but before we had to do that we had to smear our tin with butter. We had to set our oven to 180 degrees and wait for about ten minutes. While we were waiting we were cleaning up and washing all the dishes. When our cake was finalized we had to add our wipe cream and chocolate syrup.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Summer Learning Journey

On Friday the 22nd a very special guest, named Rachel, came to our school to announce the participants and the winners of the Summer Learning Journey blogging.  There were 8 people who participated and there were 4 winners. Coming in third place were two people who scored exact same points as each other which and they were Kotipi and Riiana. Coming second place was Riiana's brother Frank, and in first place was me. Rachel was very proud of all the people who had participated and partook in the holiday blogging program.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Richie McCaw

1# He became the first All Black to reach 100 tests.

2# he has very quick hands.

3# he was brought up in North Otago.

On thing I want to know about Richie McCaw is, when he was going through his injury, did he ever feel an urge to go back and play? even though he had an injury.