Friday, 29 September 2017

Colour Changing

Room 12 had done a science experiment about changing colors. The changing of the color involved a disc, three different colours which is red, blue and green. The first thing was use a circle based to help you guide and draw the circles, you have to draw three so two can be glued together and one can be on its own. Once your circles have been drawn we had to colour them in, after that we had to measure the dots that the piece of wool is meant to go threw, and it had to be two centimeters away from each other.
We had to do our dots then cut out the circles and thread the wool threw the two holes. We either had to spin it clock wise or anti clock wise.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

What We Did At Tech

At tech the year sevens went to graphics. At graphics some people carried on with there art that they didn't finish last week, the people that had finished and some others were starting on the new art project, making a box, but before we did that we had to create a new drawing and type down our thoughts on what we think graphics is about. After we had finished that we had to do a Analysis Of How To Make A 3D Box. Me, Mary and Vika were working together and we all finished our thoughts on what we think graphics means.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

What I did At Tech

At tech today we had graphics, all it was  today was a caring on from last week. I had finished my work and so had Izabella and Saluselo. I was working with Vika and Mary, we all had something to do and we were all busy. Last week I had finished my out line for my art work and this week I had finished my coloring. Mr Pineda our graphics teacher called out our names to see if we were here. Mr Pineda was going round complementing on peoples work, he added points if you were working hard, succeeding and others.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Cross Country

Today was the forth day of spring and we started to do our cross country. Cross country is what we were doing for fitness so we can build up our speed and our long distances running. We have to do this every day for the whole week for our fitness, we have to go round two times. The teachers are standing round the corners and they are watching us run. Before we were running throw the streets we were practicing around the inside of the school. The teachers say breath threw our nose and out from our mouths.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Mindfulness Lesson

Thursday 31st of August
Today Room 12 had a mindfulness lesson about how the brain works. We did some mindfulness meditation and some simply activities. One of my favourite activities was life is good, also for our meditation we had to lay down on the ground with our legs bent and a clear mind. The other meditation was looking straight ahead of you an listening to bell. For the life is good activity one of mindfulness tutors had a basketball and we all had to form a circle. This time one of the teachers (Mr Reid) had to start us of, to start of you had to hold the ball in both hands and say anything then say but life is good. For the meditation we had to lay on the ground then one of the mindfulness teachers had put a meditation video on and the first instruction was to lay down and take deep deep breaths. Then we had to listen and focus on our breathing.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

At Tech

At tech today this was our first time at graphics. We all had to line up an wait for the teacher to come an tell us were to go, the year 8s had wood works with Mr Grundy, and we had graphics. The first time at graphics I was a bit nervous because I didn't know what to do. But when we were given our instructions I got the hang of it. For our first lesson we had to write our name in different fonts, each letter in our name had to be different. In the first letter in my name I had done a hand claw and an eye, which looked like the letter P. There were lots of different color and lots of  different felts. At my table I was sitting next to Mary and she kept on asking for help.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017


This was our third week of orienteering and I was very very excited. When it was our turn for orienteering Mr Leon walked us up to the top filed and he told us what to do. When we were outside it looked like it was going to rain because it was kind of cloudy. Outside was very cold and windy, but we were running so it didn't matter that much. Mr Leon said this week for orienteering was all about accuracy it was not about who was the fastest all the slowest as long as we were accurate. So he gave us our clip cards and our map. I was very nervous and scared because I though that I was going to come last again. The fist map I had I was kind of confused but latter on in the session I had got the hang of it. There were four course and we had to complete the whole thing. When I had finished there were a few people that were lined up on the park and I was so reveled that I had not came last like last week, but this week I had a lot of fun.