Thursday, 25 January 2018

Being Money Wise

Image result for money wiseIf he gave all that money to me first I would keep 30% for college and university, give some to my parents for everyday life, keep a little for me. Then the rest I will donate to charity.

Special Celebrations

For special events we don't really do that much, just me and my family go out and go to a restaurant called Genghis Khan sometimes, then sing happy birthday and then eat some cake.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

University Bills

I think they should have to pay for just the first three years at uni, because so they can see what they are getting themselves into, instead of paying for something they don't like.

Jim Bolger

Name of Prime Minister: _______________Jim Bolger______________________

Date of Birth: _______________________31\5\35_______________________

Political Party: National
Number of Years as Prime Minister: 4
Three interesting facts about my chosen Prime Minister: Jim Bolger

  1. He has nine children
  2. He was was the 35th Prime Minister of New zealand
  3. He entered Politics in 1972

The Big Walk

1# You must take plenty of foods and liquids, to stay hydrated, and must have plenty of energy.

2# Very strong clothing, such as strong leather boots, and raincoats.

3# You must bring your cell phone.

4# A first aid kit.

5# And most importantly, a map.

Time To Interview

If I were to interview anyone, it would have to be my mum and dad, the reason I would choose them is because i don't really know anything about them, so I would like to be able to ask them some questions like, where was the first time you two saw each other, and other question like that.

My Big OE Trip

I would to go to Noumea in the pacific ocean, on because it is nice and quiet so i can be really focused on my studies. Number two is that Noumea has a lot of great construction work and nice house, so if I'm thinking of moving this will definitely be number one, and last but not lest, is the beauty scenery, it has nice construction, but it is very spaced out, so plenty room for nice ocean photos.