Friday, 21 July 2017

My Big Journey

Image result for new zealandOn my amazing journey I've learned a lot of new things like places I didn't know that are in Auckland, and new things I learned about the Maori culture. The things I mostly liked on My Kiwi Road Trip was all the different places we went to go and visit. What I liked was the native bird I got to adopt which is called a Morepork, it looked so cute and it was so fluffy.

Thursday, 13 July 2017


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Keeping NZ Clean

Related image#1 Pick up rubbish of the side way.
#2 Water the plants.
#3 Looking after our environment.
#4 Don't waste water.
#5 Don't waste food.
#6 Always recycle.

Rugby Haka's


All the haka's were great but some better than others.


Related imageMatariki is a Maori new year and celebration of the seven stars of Matariki. One of the many celebrations is lots of lights and the them changes every year. It happens here in Auckland each year at the reserve.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Arrived At New Zealand

Feeling nervous, excited don't know what to expect. Worried happy kinda upset. Scared afraid of whats gonna happen. Thoughts come together, memories fade away.

Otago Rail Trail

I would love to go on a Otago rail trail because it souds like lots of fun and it might be a great time for me to go outside in the outdoors and strt to bike again. I use to but not as much now for some reason. On day I wish I get to join the Otago rail tril.

Mt Everist

Sir Edmund Hillary- July 20th 1919- January 11th 2008- He was the first man to climb Mount evirts - He was born in NZ - He was rasid in NZ- He put the American flag on the mountain.

Tenzing Norgayn- 29th May 1914- 9 May 1986 - He helped Sir Edmund Hillary up The mountain - He was born in Napl- He was Rasid in Napl - The air was very thin when they got higher.

Bush Walk

I just looked at the tree for 5 seconds then looked back and my hole group was gone. I don't know what was worse I was by my self or not knowing what happened to my group. I haad to do something more then just stand there in shock. Things were looking very down for me but lukly I pulled myself togetther. I went to go find someone to help me find my way to the base. I found myself in quit a knot looking for help. It was getting dark and things were stating to get realy weird I could start to here strang things. I juts stept it of, the next moenning I was determined to find help and try get to the base. Frist thing I was going to do was going to go and find help...

Hector's Dolpin's

Hector's Dolpin's are very rare dolpins and sadly there are not that many living in the sea. I thnk fisherman should bannd because safty for the dolpins.

Whale Rider

About a girl  that comes from a long line of Maori chiefs and wants to tarin to be a warrior but is stoped because her gender. But that dose not stop her from growing.

Beached Whales

There were 4 beached whales and the locals tried everything in there power to help. They kept on getting water to keep the whales from getting dry. It was not enough to keep the whales alive. The locals were not qwick enough so the whales juts dryed up.

New zealand In Danger

New Zealnad should be predetor free because it can dangerous for lots of people and kids. It can be very un healthy for us. They can thrive and they can start a coliney. New Zealand is a very green land so we have to tey to keep it very clean.

My Pet

I just finish adopting a Morepork. A Morepork looks like an owle but is diffrent in some kind of way. The Morepork is a native bird to New Zealand and eats mostly worm and old grubs of the groud. You can normanly find these amazing birds in hight trees in the woods or in bird centers.

Mary Grace

Today we have Mary grace my youghest sister. Mary what is your favourite things to do in the outdoors.

1.Hid and go seek
5.Ball Tiggy

Laura An Her Adventures

Today I'm here with Laura Dekker and I've perpared some qustions for her...

Laura what got you into sailing?
What got you motivate to do this in your life?
How do you feel when your sailing?
Do you like doing anything ealse then sailing?
Did you start at a yough age?

One Of My Favourites

My favourite place I most enjoyed was karekare beach. I loved visiting this very beautiful beach that had the most beautiful black sand. I loved this beach so so much because you have so much to look forwarde too.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017


My Five Favourite Things

My tour to Auckland was a great exprence and I did lots of great things. But my five favourite was things were that water was not that far away,  The beatful spaced out playgrouds, All the sea life at Kelltowtinns, Deven port makes the best sea food and Auckland has beataful beachies. I went to the zoo which was great, I went to go see some maori culture. I went to rainbowends, and look down at the city from the Sky Tower.

The People Of New Zealand

The people are very great kind and native people, now here are some facts...

1.The population of people in New Zealand is Four Milion.
2. In 1840 the Teraty Of Waitangi was sginged.
3. Abel tasman was the first noon New Zealander to see our country.