Thursday, 13 July 2017

Keeping NZ Clean

Related image#1 Pick up rubbish of the side way.
#2 Water the plants.
#3 Looking after our environment.
#4 Don't waste water.
#5 Don't waste food.
#6 Always recycle.

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  1. Hi Pupuke,

    You have come up with a number of good suggestions for habits that we can adopt that will help us to keep NZ clean and beautiful. At our house we do our best to recycle everything that we can and not waste food or water. I think that we do pretty well with all three, however, Aronui sometimes forgets and leaves the tap running when he is brushing his teeth. We're working on it!

    Do you and your family have a recycling bin for cans and bottles? When I was growing up in Canada we used to have a recycling bin, a rubbish (or 'garbage' as we say in Canada) bin and a composting bin. We would put food scraps in the compost bin and leave them there for months. The food would eventually disintegrate (break down) and form soil that we could use on our lawn. It was pretty amazing!

    Have you ever heard of composting or a composting bin before? I haven't seen any since I moved to New Zealand...

    Bye for now!