Wednesday, 12 July 2017

My Pet

I just finish adopting a Morepork. A Morepork looks like an owle but is diffrent in some kind of way. The Morepork is a native bird to New Zealand and eats mostly worm and old grubs of the groud. You can normanly find these amazing birds in hight trees in the woods or in bird centers.

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  1. Kia ora Pupuke,

    Wow, a Morepork looks virtually identical to an owl, doesn't it? I would have trouble telling them apart if I didn't look carefully enough. I have heard of Moreporks before and have actually heard a Morepork calling out in the middle of the night. I think that we have one living in the bush behind our house.

    Have you ever heard a Morepork's call in the wild?

    I think that you've made a great choice to adopt a Morepork for this activity. If you actually had your own Morepork, what do you think that you would name him/her? I think that I would choose the name 'Merv.'

    Cheers :)