Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Mary Grace

Today we have Mary grace my youghest sister. Mary what is your favourite things to do in the outdoors.

1.Hid and go seek
5.Ball Tiggy

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  1. Kia ora Pupuke,

    It sounds like Mary Grace and my son (Aronui) have a lot of the same interests! Aronui also loves to play 'Hide and Seek' and to go swimming and skipping. He is also really into playing soccer these days in our yard. I bought him a ball for his birthday and he is constantly asking if he can go outside to play. Does Mary Grace like soccer by any chance? What about you? Are you a soccer player?

    I am really looking forward to seeing you when I come into Ruapotaka school to hand out the certificates and prizes early in Term 3!

    See you then,

    Rachel :)