Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Arrived At New Zealand

Feeling nervous, excited don't know what to expect. Worried happy kinda upset. Scared afraid of whats gonna happen. Thoughts come together, memories fade away.

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  1. Hi Pupuke,

    I am sure that the original settlers in New Zealand experienced each and every one of the emotions that you have listed above in your poem - fear, nervousness, excitement, happiness, worry, etc.

    I am also sure that they would have struggled because they did have to leave some of their friends and family members behind in order to venture to NZ. It must have been pretty sad to say good-bye to loved ones knowing that you wouldn't see them again.

    I think that we're very lucky to live in NZ in the present era because we are able to move around the world, go adventuring and try new experiences without leaving our original homes (and our loved ones) behind forever. In fact, I moved to New Zealand about 7 years ago and I still talk to my family in Canada all of the time. (I actually just talked to my mom on Skype about 10 minutes ago!)

    How lucky are we?!