Friday, 28 July 2017

Pasifika Study Assembly

Friday 28 of July we have just come back from the assembly room which we had our pasifika study performance. Each class had to perform and show there item to the whole school. First was Room one which they performed a Samoan dance called the Sasa. The next performance was Room 5 and there Samoan singing. After Room 5 was Room 6 and there Samoan and Tongan clothing and accessories.
After Room 6 Room seven had to perform there item. Room 7 had put together a combined dance. Next was Room 9 and they had performed a Samoan song called Little Biddy On A Tree. Room ten was next and they had sung a Samoan song called  E Otua. Lastly was Room 12, we had to go and line up in our places that we were given. The song that Room 12 chose was How Far I'll Go from the movie Moana.

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