Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Bush Walk

I just looked at the tree for 5 seconds then looked back and my hole group was gone. I don't know what was worse I was by my self or not knowing what happened to my group. I haad to do something more then just stand there in shock. Things were looking very down for me but lukly I pulled myself togetther. I went to go find someone to help me find my way to the base. I found myself in quit a knot looking for help. It was getting dark and things were stating to get realy weird I could start to here strang things. I juts stept it of, the next moenning I was determined to find help and try get to the base. Frist thing I was going to do was going to go and find help...

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  1. Kia ora Pupuke,

    I like your story. I can completely picture you, in the bush, looking around for your family and friends who are nowhere to be found. Eeek, that really would be terrifying, wouldn't it? I am pretty lucky because that has never happened to me. I have never gotten separated from my group while out in the bush (or in any public space). Have you ever gotten lost in real life? I hope not!

    Stay safe this holiday,

    Rachel :)