Monday, 19 June 2017

What I Made At Tech

At tech I was in Mr Grundy's class. We all sat at a table and we all got handed a piece of paper. Mr Grundy told us that if you make a wood work of your own design then you will get points. If you draw lots of ideas then you get points.
Once we had chosen the design that we were going to be working on. Once we had finished our design, we wrote our names on the broad.
Once he had signed it he gave us a piece of wood so that we could measure our drawing. He then came and checked it. Once he had checked it he came and gave us a piece of wood. The we lined it up with a ruler and made sure that it was perfect. Once he has checked it with a ruler then he will give us the equipment that we need. Then we will saw the lines that you have lined up. Then he will come and check it. He will give you the equipment that you need to finish your work. Once you have finished all of your sawing then he will glue it all together.

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