Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Making Banana Muffins

At Tech today we made banana muffins. The first thing we had to do was put our chromebooks away and put our aprons on. After that Mrs Tuilpulotu told us to get our muffin tray out and get our big silver bowel to. She told us to get out our measuring cup and spoons. With the cup and the spoon we had to get half a cup of S.R.F and a three quarter cup of milk. Mrs Tuipulotu had a teaspoon at the table so we could put one teaspoon of flour. We had to mash the bananas with a fork and put all the dry ingredients inside the bowel. When the dry ingredients were in the bowel then we had to put the wet ones in, so we added the butter and one egg into the bowel and then mix. Mrs Tuipulotu told us to come to her so she could put three table spoon of sugar into our mixture. We had pour our battar into the muffin cups and set the oven to 180.c and put in the oven.

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