Saturday, 17 December 2016

The Weather

The Weather tomorrow in Sydney is 68. and the weather on the December the 3rd is going to be 91. and the weather on the 4th of December is going to be 77. and the weather on the 5th of December is going to be 83.Then last but not lest the weather for the 6th of December is going to be 89. That is the end of the news and hope you have a good night.    

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  1. Great news report, Pupuke! It sounds like it was going to be quite warm in Sydney. I had to convert the temperatures that you posted from degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Celsius because we typically use Celsius when we're talking about the weather here in New Zealand. I have always wondered why we have two completely different systems for recording and reporting temperatures so I asked my friend, Mark, about it. He is a teacher and a commenter for the Summer Learning Journey programme and he sent me this story that I'd love to share with you:

    Mark's Story About Measuring Temperature

    A long time ago, a Polish scientist invented the scale of Fahrenheit, using equal parts salt and water to make the temperature of 0 degrees on the thermometer (which was a 200 year old invention at that point, but he made a new version which used mercury - which made it more accurate). Then he used the average human temperature to make the high point of 96 degrees. And that is how the thermometer was marked so people could say what the temperature was. Sounds a bit strange, right?

    Celsius, our measurement, was made because a scientist thought 'Fahrenheit is illogical. Salt water, human body heat? What do they have to do with anything? Why don't we just use the freezing and boiling points of something easy, like water?' and so he made ANOTHER scale on thermometers called degrees Celsius!

    And that's what we use today! So, 0 degree Celsius is when it is so cold that water freezes, and 100 degrees Celsius is when water boils. Cool eh? In Fahrenheit those are 32 and 212. Such random numbers!

    Cool story 'eh?! I think that we are very lucky to have such clever people working with us on the Summer Learning Journey programme this year.

    Keep up the great work, Pupuke. You are a blogging star :)