Thursday, 22 December 2016

Canada CN Tower – Tallest building in Canada

I would like to go to Canada

CN Tower – Tallest building in Canada because it has a nice view

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  1. You are absolutely right about that, Pupuke! The view from the top of the CN Tower is amazing. It's quite a tall building so you can see most of the city of Toronto from the top floor. You can also enjoy a nice meal in the revolving restaurant. It's a restaurant in the CN tower that slowly spins around in a complete circle (360 degrees). It's pretty incredible. Actually, the SkyTower also has a restaurant that does the same thing. It is called Orbit 360.

    Aronui (my little guy) took me to Orbit 360 for Mother's Day a few years ago. It was delicious!

    I hope that you get the chance to visit the Sky Tower one day and enjoy a little treat at the Orbit restaurant.

    Cheers :)