Monday, 19 December 2016

Lab Rats

My favourite TV show is called Lab Rats. I like this show because it is funny and in the show they have powers. In that show there are there bionic kids that live in there fathers basement because they have to hide there bionics.

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  1. Hi Pupuke,

    I have never heard of the TV show called 'Lab Rats' before. It sounds really good. Is it on regular NZ television or do you watch it on Sky TV? My son, Aronui, is a huge fan of cartoons and he's been watching Paw Patrol a lot recently. Have you ever seen that show? It was developed by a team of people in Canada. It features a boy named Ryder who helps a team of dogs to solve problems and help people. Aronui loves it when the dogs save people and act as mini-superheroes. The dogs don't have superpowers, unfortunately. What kind of superpowers do the kids in Lab Rats have?

    Rachel ;)