Saturday, 17 December 2016

Things before you go on a plane

Things to pack before you go on a plane.
1# You need cloths 
2# Food 
3# Flippers
4# Shampoo
5# Tooth past
6# Tooth brush
7# Pass port
8# Pillow 


  1. Hello, These things you have listed are all correct but if you have a pillow and you fall asleep you might get cold so why not bring a blanket just to keep warm i might be wrong but just for warmth. Also you did a spelling mistake you did 5# Tooth past instead of 5# Tooth paste you have forgot the e so just keeping your spelling ok :)
    By Robati

  2. Hi Pupuke and Robati,

    Thanks for the great feedback, Robati. You are absolutely right. Toothpaste is spelled with an 'e.' It's lovely that you can support each other and help with spelling. On that note, I'd love to also help and just remind you guys that clothes is also spelled with an 'e' (see #1) and passport is one word, rather than two (#7).

    Keep on encouraging and helping one another to learn and improve. Well done!