Monday, 26 December 2016

NZ Animals

                                             This animal is called a Kakapo and it lives in New Zealand
                                              and the Kakapo eats fruits.
This animal is called a Kiwi and it lives in mostly in wet lands and they eat mostly worms.  

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  1. Hi Pupuke,

    Wow! You are doing an amazing job with this summer learning journey programme. Every time that I log onto the computer I see another great blog from you. Well done!

    I really enjoyed reading this current blog about animals in New Zealand. I am a huge fan of animals and I have learned a lot about the native species that live here over the past few years. I must admit that I am still hoping to see a kiwi bird in the wild. As of now I have only ever seen one at the zoo here in Auckland. Have you ever seen a real kiwi bird?

    Keep up the great work, Pupuke. It is truly awesome.

    Rachel :)