Saturday, 7 January 2017

Hover board

My favourite one out of all of them is the Hover board because it reminds me about the movie back to the future a good movie from back in the day. Also it is really good and cool. 

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  1. Hi Pupuke,

    It's so great to see that you're able to blog with us again. Welcome back to the journey! Like you, I would definitely enjoy having a Hover Board. It would be so much fun to ride although I suspect that it would take awhile to get used to it. I think that I would likely fall off of it a few times before I was able to stay upright and drive it around. The characters in 'Back to the Future II' made it look pretty easy to ride so I'm sure that we'd get the hang of it eventually!

    Speaking of the 'Back to the Future' series, I really loved the original 'Back to the Future' movie. I first saw it with my dad years ago when I was living in Canada. I then watched 'Back to the Future II' with my sister, years later. I think that I preferred the original movie. What about you? Did you enjoy the first 'Back to the Future' movie or did you like the sequel, 'Back to the Future II' better?

    I've love to hear your thoughts...

    Keep up the great work, Pupuke. We're really happy to see you blogging in 2017!

    Rachel :)